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Professional Equipment

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Ultimate Performing Experience

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Production, Stage & Professional Equipment

A one stop shop

We are a one stop shop for all your production & stage professional equipment needs:

  • Pro-Audio.
  • Pro-Light.
  • Control & Automation.
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Wire network & WiFi.
  • Mobile & Sat Internet.
  • Power condition & management.
  • Remote monitoring & alarm.
  • RFID assets tracking.

In Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Low Maintenance & High Reliability
Custom Integrated production & stage professional equipment

Production & stage equipment, specializing in low maintenance, & high reliability systems & solutions, for:

  • Bars & Restaurants. (Comm)
  • Broadcast Radio. (Pro)
  • Broadcast TV. (Pro)
  • Cinema. (Pro) (Comm)
  • Convention centers. (Pro) (Comm)
  • Corporate. (Comm)
  • Cruse Ships. (Comm)
  • Education. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Government. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Hotels & Casinos. (Comm) (Pro)
  • House of Worship. (Pro)
  • Marinas, Marine centers & Shipyards. (Comm)
  • Museums. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Nightlife. (Pro)
  • Performing Arts. (Pro)
  • Portable PA Systems "Touring". (Pro)
  • Recording Studios. (Pro)
  • Residential MDU. (Comm)
  • Retail Destinations. (Comm)
  • Stadiums & Arenas. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Themed Attractions. (Pro)
  • Transportation. (Comm)

Recording & Broadcast Studios

  • Mixing Consoles.
  • Monitor Speakers.
  • Microphones.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Acoustic treatments.

Live & Tour Sound applications

  • Complete Amplifiers Systems.
  • Live & Touring Speakers.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • LED video panels.
  • Video switching.
  • Video distribution.
  • Hight density Network & WiFi.
  • RFID Tracking Assets Inventory.
  • Video surveillance for Touring.


  • Amplification.
  • Surround Sound Decoders.
  • Speakers Systems.
  • Projection.
  • Control.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Acoustic treatments.

House of Worship

  • Mixing Consoles.
  • Microphone systems.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • PA Speakers, mid- to large-size.
  • Line array speakers.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Acoustic treatments.
  • Network.
  • High-density WiFi.


  • Amplifiers.
  • Speakers.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Professional lighting.
  • Atmospheric effects.
  • LED-Video Architainment.
  • Video switching.
  • Video distribution.
  • Network Appliances.
  • Hight density WiFi.
  • Advanced video surveillance.

Performing Arts

  • Mixing Consoles.
  • Amplification.
  • Speakers Systems.
  • Professional lighting.
  • Atmospheric effects.
  • LED-Video Panels.
  • Projection.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Acoustic treatments.

Audio Mixing Consoles Production & Stage Professional Equipment

From compact and cost-effective, to large format digital mixing consoles.

Powerful mixing consoles with superior audio performance and a world-class feature set, for live sound mixing, the way it should be.

We offer the most intuitive digital mix interfaces available, that streamlines workflow and enhances the creative process, reducing constant hand and eye co-ordination and mental mapping.

  • Recording studios.
  • Touring & Live performance.
  • Performing arts.
  • Music venue.
  • Corporate AV.
Sales & custom installation of recording studio Mixing Consoles.

Microphones systems Production & Stage Professional Equipment

Production & Stage Professional Microphones Systems.

Exceptional high performance microphones that artists and sound engineers love.

  • Touring.
  • Live applications.
  • Recording.
  • Digital wireless mic systems.
  • Dynamic microphones.
  • Reference Pro condenser microphone.
  • Reference tube condenser microphones.
  • Reference modular microphones.
  • Headset Microphones.
  • Boundary layer microphone.
  • Speech / Spoken Word Microphones.
  • Drum Microphones Bundles.

Control & Automation Solutions

Reliable control and automation.

With the highest standards in cyber security, for pro application systems and commercial systems control.

  • Recording Studios.
  • Broadcast.
  • House of Worship.
  • Nightlife.
  • Performing Arts.
  • Themed Attractions.
  • Touring.
  • Live applications.
Sales & installation of Production studios Control & Automation Systems.

Pro Touring Amplifiers & Amplification Racks Systems

Sales & installation of Stage & Touring Amplification Racks Systems.

Production and Stage Professional amplification.

Reference studio amplifiers and powerful stage ready amplifiers

Custom-engineered, turnkey amplification package, complete with full safety approvals.

Amp racks that delivers superb power distribution anywhere in the world and with features innovative software for convenient, simplified control, giving you a versatile, worry-free rack system that’s always ready to go.

  • Tour Sound Amps.
  • Installed Sound Amps.
  • Reference & Recording Studio.
  • Pre-built Amplifier Racks.
  • Pre-configured Amp Systems.

Designed for optimum performance and setup simplicity.

Professional Audio mid to large-size Speakers

From light, highly-portable PA Speakers, to tour sound Full Size 3-Way High-Directivity Line Arrays.

  • Cinemasound.
  • Live Sound.
  • Tour Sound.
  • Recording & Broadcast.

Pro sound speakers:

  • Line Array Systems.
  • Stage Monitors.
  • Subwoofers.
  • Constant Curvature Systems.
  • Multipurpose Systems.
  • Powered loudspeaker system.

Laser precise sound focus for optimum audience coverage.

Sales of Live sound, Touring & Stage PA Speakers.

Professional IT & Wired Network Appliances

Sales & Setup of Network Systems & IT for Recording Studios, Stage, and Live events.

Data-Center-Grade network appliances for high-performing wired networks, to ensure optimal internet experience.

Using best in class high performance network appliances, as Sonicwall, Brocade, and Ruckus, for the ultimate Cyber Security Protection, in professional network applications.

Pro WiFi Systems for Ultra-Dense Device Environments

Outdoor and Indoor WiFi Systems for Ultra-Dense Device Environments.

Designed to deal with nonstop wireless interference from hundreds of devices carried in busy environments that makes Wi-Fi deployments a challenging experience.

Step up to blazing fast, reliable connectivity in RF densest environments with the ultimate highest-capacity four-stream 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi Systems.

Ensure an optimal wireless network experience, with the lowest total cost of ownership and the ultimate Cyber Security Protection in commercial network applications.

Sales & Setup of WiFi, Wireless Network for Recording Studios, Stage, & Live events.

Pro-Lighting Consoles

Sales & installation of Pro-Lighting Consoles for Production, Stage & Live application.

Control everything, from conventional and moving lights to the most advanced media server.

Designed for today’s demanding multimedia shows and tomorrow’s challenges.

Providing users the ultimate control surface for fast programming and extensive playback control, all from one Pro-Light Console.

Incorporating the latest available technologies with an industrial multi-core processor, solid-state drives and custom-designed high-brightness touch screens.

Capable of delivering 64 DMX universes directly from the console’s network ports without using costly external processors.

Pro-Lighting Consoles for Production & Stage application, to create compelling lighting scenes for the ultimate performing experience in Miami and South Florida.

Professional LED-Video Panels

High-contrast outdoor-rated LED video panels, with a pixel pitch of 5.2 mm. Driven by the same Centralized System Controller for a seamless total video solution.

LED-Video Panels with consistent pixel-to-pixel calibration, not only gives the best image quality, it also enables panels from different batches to be mixed. For ease of service and support from the brands that is here to stay.

  • LED Video stage panels.
  • Creative Pixels SW.
  • Power & Processing.

See also: Commercial Architectural Lighting (Architainment).

Sales & custom installation of LED-Video Panels for Production Studio, Stage, & Live events.

Nightclub Lighting

Sales & installation of Nightlife Pro-Lightingfor for Production, Stage, Live & Nightclub applications.

Cutting-edge Pro-Light, nightclub lighting, for the Ultimate Performing Experience.

  • Automated Lights.
    • Beam.
    • Wash.
    • Hybrid.
    • Scanner.
  • Static Lights.
    • PARs.
    • Projectors.
  • Effect Lights.
    • Strobes.
    • Dance-floor.

Professional atmospheric effects

Reliable professional atmospheric effects, for the Ultimate Performing Experience.

  • Fog.
  • Haze.
  • Fans.
  • Low Fog.
  • Fluid.
  • Accessories.
Sales & installation of Professional Atmospheric Systems for Production, Stage, Live & Nightclub applications.

Event ready Video Surveillance Systems

Sales & custom installation of Video Surveillance Systems for Production Studios, Recording Studios, Stage, Live & Nightclub applications.
  • Network cameras.
  • Network Radar Detectors..
  • Video encoders.
  • Network video recorders.
  • Video management software.
  • Analytics & other applications.

Critical infrastructure and Advanced Video Surveillance Cameras for solid performance, with:

  • HDTV 1080p & 4K.
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).
  • Thermographic Video.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • Video Motion Detection.
  • Lightfinder technology.
  • CCTV to IP conversion.

Smart, flexible, ultra secure video surveillance systems, remotely accessible and ready for extreme conditions.

For the most secure and reliable video surveillance system.

Physical Access Control Systems

Architecturally oriented design video door intercom and physical access control systems.

Offering the world’s most cyber secured video door intercom and physical access control systems, from SIEDLE, Axis and Mobotix.

With the most technologically advance network security features for top Cyber Security Protection.

There is no better selection of outdoor-rated Video Intercom Systems for recording studios and performing venue applications in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area.

Sales & installation of Premium door intercom & Physical Access Control for Production Studios, Recording Studios, Stage, Live & Nightclub applications.