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Commercial Electronic & Retail Equipment

A one stop shop for Commercial Electronic Equipment

We are a one stop shop for:

  • Commercial Audio.
  • Commercial Visual.
  • Commercial Lighting control.
  • Commercial Control & Automation.
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Commercial  IT, Network.
  • Commercial WiFi.
  • AV power conditioning.
  • AV power management.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Remote alarm.
  • RFID assets tracking.

In Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Low Maintenance & High Reliability
Custom Integrations

Commercial Electronic Equipment. Specializing in low maintenance, & high reliability, custom integrated systems & solutions, for:

  • Bars & Restaurants. (Comm)
  • Broadcast Radio. (Pro)
  • Broadcast TV. (Pro)
  • Cinema. (Pro) (Comm)
  • Convention centers. (Pro) (Comm)
  • Corporate. (Comm)
  • Cruse Ships. (Comm)
  • Education. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Government. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Hotels & Casinos. (Comm) (Pro)
  • House of Worship. (Pro)
  • Marinas, Marine centers & Shipyards.  (Comm)
  • Museums. (Comm) (Pro)
  • Nightlife. (Pro)
  • Performing Arts. (Pro)
  • Portable PA Systems "Touring". (Pro)
  • Recording Studios. (Pro)
  • Residential MDU. (Comm)
  • Retail Destinations. (Comm)
  • Stadiums & Arenas.(Comm) (Pro)
  • Themed Attractions. (Pro)
  • Transportation. (Comm)

Bars & Restaurants

  • Commercial IT & Network.
  • High-density WiFi.
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Physical Access Control.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Digital Signage.
  • Audio Visual.
  • LED-Video Panels.
  • Video switching & distribution.
  • Paging systems.
  • Mixing Amplifiers.
  • Commercial Speakers.
  • Paging systems.
  • Mixing Consoles.
  • Microphones.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Acoustic treatments.

Retail Destinations

  • Digital Signage.
  • LED-Video Panels
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Physical Access Control.
  • Lighting Control.
  • Commercial IT & Network.
  • High-density WiFi.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Video switching & distribution.
  • Mixing Amplifiers.
  • Commercial Speakers.
  • Paging systems.

Marinas, Marine centers & Shipyards

  • Commercial IT & Network.
  • High-density WiFi.
  • Video Surveillance.
  • Physical Access Control.
  • Systems Control & Integration.
  • Digital Signage.
  • LED-Video Panels.
  • Video switching & distribution.
  • Paging systems.
  • Mixing Amplifiers.
  • Commercial Speakers.
  • Paging systems.
  • Equipment Racks.

Commercial Electronic Equipment Control & Automation

Integrated Controllers that are programmable network appliances specifically designed to control AV and building technology using multiple analog and digital formats.

Providing a scalable platform for the future by combining high performance, backward compatibility and extensive network security features. These are ideal for enterprise, education, and government policies requiring secure communication over a computer network in line with security standards expected by the IT industry of any equipment running on an enterprise.

Ideal solution for demanding, technology-rich environments.

All-in-one architecture also delivers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the industry, due to ease of support, maintenance and configuration, as well as reduced hardware and cabling costs.

Commercial Electronic Equipment Sales, installation & programing of commercial Automation & Systems Control Equipment.

Commercial Video Equipment

Sales & custom installation of commercial Audio Visual Entertainment.
  • Video distribution.
  • Video Matrix Switcher.
  • Digital Media Switchers.
  • Digital signage.
  • 4K video over category cable.
  • 4K video over optical fiber.
  • Commercial projection.
  • Commercial video displays.

From cost-effective to high-end commercial audio, for luxury bars, restaurants, retail destinations, hospitality, casinos, corporate commercial applications.

With best-in-class sonic performance and most flexible installation processes.

  • Commercial Cinema Sound.
  • Engineered Installed Sound.
  • Commercial Installed Sound.

Commercial sound:

  • Invisible Speakers.
  • Pendant Speakers & Woofers.
  • In-Ceiling Speakers & Woofers.
  • Surface Mount Speaker.
  • Line Array Speaker Systems.
  • Powered Loudspeaker Systems.
  • Mixing amplifiers.
  • DSP amplifiers.
  • Digital amplifiers.

Call us about world’s best sounding systems for cost-effective to high-end commercial applications.

Sales & custom installation of commercial audio amplifiers and commercial speakers.

Commercial Integrated Microphone

Sales & custom installation of Commercial Integrated Microphone systems.

Exceptional high performance conference microphones that are highly flexible, easy to set up and use, with the highest audio quality.

  • Reference digital conference Systems.
  • Plug and play conference systems.
  • reference digital automatic mic mixers.
  • Headset Microphones.
  • Boundary layer microphone.
  • Speech / Spoken Word Microphones.

Commercial Lighting fixtures for Indoor, Outdoor & Landscape Applications

Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor & Landscape Lighting.

From optimum accent lighting for museums, exhibitions, art galleries and sales showroom areas.

To the most innovated high-bay fixtures.

Using Halogen, Fluorescent, CMH and LEDs, that are virtually indistinguishable from halogen light.

Sales & custom installation of Commercial, Indoor, Outdoor & Landscape Lighting Fixtures.

Commercial Security & Video Surveillance Systems

Sales, custom installation, & programing of commercial Video Surveillance & Security Systems.

Smart, flexible, ultra secure video surveillance systems, remotely accessible and ready for extreme conditions.

  • Network cameras.
  • Network Radar Detectors.
  • Video encoders.
  • Network video recorders.
  • Video management software.
  • Analytics & other applications.

Critical infrastructure and Advanced Video Surveillance Cameras for solid performance, with:

  • HDTV 1080p & 4K.
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range).
  • Thermographic Video.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization.
  • Video Motion Detection.
  • Lightfinder technology.
  • CCTV to IP conversion.

For the most secure and reliable video surveillance system.

Scalable commercial Outdoor and Landscape Speaker Systems, hidden completely out of sight amongst plants, delivering perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality, utilizing DSP to deliver a jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers.

Call us to acquire the world’s best sounding outdoor audio system for commercial applications.

Sales & custom installation of commercial Landscape Audio & Outdoor Speakers.

Commercial IT & Wired Network Appliances

Sales, custom installation & programing of Commercial IT Systems & Network Appliances.

Data-Center-Grade network appliances combined with top wiring standards to meet a high-performing wired networks, to ensure optimal network transits and internet experience.

Using best in class high performance network appliances, as Sonicwall, Brocade, and Ruckus, for the ultimate Cyber Security Protection, in commercial network applications.

Commercial WiFi Systems with blazing fast & reliable connectivity

Provide top-tier capacity and performance in outdoor and Indoor spaces, with WiFi Systems designed for Ultra-Dense Device Environments, as busy campuses, public spaces and crowded convention center floors.

WiFi systems designed for the highest-density venues, with the most demanding wireless requirements.

Deliver extended range, mitigate interference, and deliver blazing fast performance—up to 1733Mbps data rate, the highest available for 4 stream MIMO Wi-Fi clients.

Nonstop wireless interference from hundreds of devices carried in busy environments makes Wi-Fi deployments a challenging experience, that only certain systems can withstand.

Step up to blazing fast, reliable connectivity in the RF densest environments with the ultimate highest-capacity four-stream 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi Systems.

Ensure an optimal wireless network experience, with the lowest total cost of ownership and the ultimate Cyber Security Protection, in commercial network applications.

Available through dmg-mg in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Sales, custom installation & programing of Commercial Wireless Networks Appliances & WiFi Systems.

Commercial Lighting Control

Sales, custom installation & programing of Commercial Lighting Control Systems.

Commercial centralized lighting control, with flawless dimming of any type of light, in commercial application, to create compelling lighting scenes for the ultimate south florida lifestyle.

Gain convenient energy efficiency, world wide remote control access, and alarm.

Commercial Centralized Climate Control Systems

Commercial Environmental Controls Systems. Easily manage the functioning of the whole commercial climate conditioning system (HVAC) from a single position, and gain convenient energy efficiency, world wide remote control access, and alarm.

Sales, custom installation & programing of Commercial Centralized Climate Control Systems (HVAC).

Commercial motorized window treatment & Switchable Glass

Sales, custom installation & programing of Commercial motorized custom window treatments & Switchable Glass.

Commercial motorized window treatment with the widest selection in shade-cloth, brackets and accessories features.

From roller shade & drapery track, to switchable glass.

We offer the brands that allow us to meet the most demanding specifications, as Super-wide roller shades, allowing up to approximately 40 ft. (12m) wide by 20 ft. (6.1m) high.

  • Openness.
  • Railroading.
  • Flame retardant.
  • PVC Free.
  • Eligible for LEED® v4.
  • Health Product Declaration.
  • Declare Label.
  • Super-wide roller shade. 


  • Powerful motors for shading very large windows.
  • Two-layer insulating shading system.
  • Bottom-up shades.
  • Sloped shades.
  • SkyLighter® shades.
  • Fixed shades.
  • PanelTrac®.
  • WhisperTrac®.
  • ImageShades.
  • Flat SkyLighter® Shades.
  • Soft-Fold SkyLighter® Shades.
  • Instant privacy control with Switchable Glass.

Architainment LED color changing commercial lighting fixtures

Powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED color changing lighting fixtures, designed to illuminate smaller structures, features of a building and landscaping, to large structures as building facades and bridges.

This commercial architainment LED color changing lighting fixtures are fully IP-rated for permanent outdoor use, and are also available in indoor housings.

In RGBW, dynamic-white in variable color temperature (2700K-6500K) 

Architainment products.

  • Flood.
  • Linear.
  • Dots.
  • Image Projection.
  • In-ground.

See also: Professional Stage LED-Video Panels.

Sales & custom installation of commercial Architainment LED Color Changing Lighting Systems.

Commercial Power Conditioning Systems

Sales & custom installation of commercial Power Conditioning Systems.

Commercial power conditioning systems, are essential for a flawless and solid system behavior.

Applying the “No single point of failure” approach, to the design of our power conditioning systems, allowing the integrated systems to dramatically decrease downtime, eliminating the common issues related to power from the grid as brownouts, blackouts, RFI noise contamination, etc.

For a solid commercial integrated system's behavior, and peace of mind.

Premium commercial Door Video Intercom Systems

Architecturally oriented design and premium Video Intercom Systems.

We offer the world's most statically pleasing intercom systems from SIEDLE, and the most technologically advance Network Physical Access Control Systems from Axis and Mobotix, for top Cyber Security Protection.

There is no better selection of Door Video Intercom Systems for commercial applications in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area.

Sales & custom installation of Premium commercial Video Door Intercom Systems & Physical Access Control.