Luxury Yachting & Marine Technology

Super-custom marine AV entertainment, security, network and IT technology.
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Enterprise Network & AV

Make life technologically easier, for your business.
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Residential Integrated Lifestyle

High-end residential Audio Visual & Automation.
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Professional Audio & Light

Reliable equipment for the ultimate performance.

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Commercial AV, Security & Network

Renowned brands for commercial applications.
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B2B maritime consulting

Business to Business Audio Visual, Automation, IT & Security Maritime Consulting in the Fort Lauderdale / Miami area.
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Architectural B2B consulting

Business to Business Audio Visual, Control, IT & Automation Residential, Commercial Consulting for the South Florida area.
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The Ultimate Conference Room

Huddle Room Solutions

Feature Samsung Displays and Collaboration Technology from HARMAN

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AMX Acendo Core

Meeting Space Collaboration System
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The Seasonal Luxury-Audio

New-SLS Sonance Landscape System

Perfectly-even coverage and unbelievable sound quality
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Sonance Visual Performance Speakers

In-wall or in-ceiling award-winning low-profile speakers
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C SEED Hyde 125 & SUB 136

Super-custom outdoor audio entertainment
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Briefing Center Technology

AMX MXR-1001 Retractable Touch Panel

A premium, elegant user interface that stays out of sight when not in use

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AMX N7142 Presentation Switcher

For cost-sensitive 4K video distribution applications
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