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Marine Entertainment & Integrated Yachting Technology Consulting

A one stop shop

B2B Marine Consulting for A/V Entertainment, Automation, Network, WiFi, Security & more.

We are a one stop shop, for Maritime consulting services on Assessment, Design, & Implementation for reliable, easy to use, luxury yachting audio visual entertainment, automation, control, security & more.

For naval architects, marine engineers, & yacht interior designers, in Miami, & Ft. Lauderdale.

Assessment / Design / Implementation
For Custom Integrations

Specializing in high-end, low maintenance, & high reliability, custom integrated systems, including:


  • Audio visual.
  • Marine outdoor audio.
  • Nightlife lighting.
  • Nightlife atmospheric effects.


  • Automation.
  • Systems control.
  • Lighting control.
  • Climate control.
  • Vessel Electromechanical Systems.


  • Multi Link Internet.
  • Satellite Communications & TV.
  • Wired & Wireless Networks.
  • Cyber Security.

Physical Security.

  • Video Surveillance.
  • Physical Access Control.
  • Lock down & panic room systems.


  • Custom motorized window treatment.
  • Motorized brackets, Mounts & Lifts.

Tracking, Monitor & Alarm.

  • Remote GPS Tracking.
  • Remote Monitoring Systems.
  • Remote Alarm & Notification.
  • RFID Assets tracking & live inventory.

Wiring & Power.

  • Marine structural wiring.
  • AV power conditioning & management.

Automation & Control Systems

Assisting marine professionals with seamless Automation & Control technology Assessment / Design / Implementation.

Avoiding the status quo manufactures and utilizing leaders with true value in automation and control markets. And applying standards preferred by government agencies for high performance and cyber security.

B2B Marine Consulting for A/V Entertainment Automation, IT, Security in Ft. Lauderdale

Audio Visual Entertainment, Dedicated Theater, Media Rooms

B2B Marine Consulting for A/V Entertainment in Ft. Lauderdale

Consulting maritime professionals with seamless Audio Visual Entertainment Technology Assessment / Design / Implementation.

We help you to provide audiophile standards with the latest in high-resolution, for clear and powerful sound to ensure satisfied customers of the most demanding type.

By delivering a breathtaking immersive AV experience, with the latest in video reproduction, including, wide-gamut color space, 4K, and wide dynamic range.

Always aiming for ISF and THX certified systems, for the ultimate Audio Visual experience.

The world’s largest outdoor TV for marine applications

A fully retractable, foldable, motorized LED screen of a stunning, fourteen-feet eight-inches wide, with a dazzlingly bright display. The very best high-end sound and vision for supper-yachts. Available at the push of one single button.

C SEED Supermarine TV: The world’s first outdoor marine LED TV.

B2B Maritime Consulting for installation and integration of C SEED Supermarine TV for Superyacht, in the Miami area.

Security & Surveillance Systems

B2B Marine Consulting for Automation, Security and Video Surveillance in Miami

Critical Infrastructure Security and Advanced Video Surveillance for solid performance.

Providing consulting services to marine engineers with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation for Physical Security & Surveillance Systems.

Applying the latest reliable technologies as HDTV 1080p, 4K, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Thermographic Video, Electronic Image Stabilization, Video Motion Detection, Lightfinder technology, and CCTV to IP conversion.

Marine Outdoor Hight Performance Audio Systems

Consulting maritime professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation for marine outdoor speakers and entertainment systems, to achieve perfectly even coverage and the highest possible sound quality.
B2B Marine Consulting for Outdoor Audio in Miami

IT, Network Appliances, WiFi & Communication Systems

B2B Marine Consulting for Network, WiFi, IT, Cybersecurity in Miami

Assisting marine professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation. Sorting through the overwhelming, endless options and to avoid the typical failures.

Achieving Data-Center-Grade performance in network design and the highest performing system deployment.

For the ultimate Cyber Security Protection and optimal performance experience. In commercial marine and luxury yachting network applications.

Lighting Control Systems

Achieving the desired lighting effect.

We assist maritime professionals with seamless lighting control technology Assessment / Design / Implementation to ensure the achievement of the desired lighting effect. With centralized lighting control, and flawless dimming in commercial marine, luxury yachting application.

To create compelling lighting scenes for the ultimate maritime space experience.

B2B Marine Consulting for Lighting Control Systems & Automation in Miami

Centralized Climate Control Systems

B2B Marine Consulting for Climate Control System & Automation in Miami

Providing assistance to marine professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation of Environmental and Climate Controls Systems.

For a functional and reliable climate control experience.

Custom Motorized Window Shading, Treatment & Switchable Glass

Assisting naval architects and yacht interior designers with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation on the most unique and sophisticated applications.

With fully automated custom motorized window shading, treatments & switchable glass, for commercial marine, and luxury yachting application.

B2B Marine Consulting for Automatic Window Treatment Privasy in Miami

Nightlife Lighting & Atmospheric Effects

B2B Marine Consulting for Nightlife Entertainment Club Lighting Systems in Miami

Guiding marine professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation for innovated integrations of cutting-edge Architainment Pro Lighting and atmospheric effects.

For the Ultimate and unforgettable Audio Visual Experience, that will make people come back for more.

Power Conditioning & Power Management Systems

A specialty within specialties. Proper power planing for management and conditioning is critical, as well as essential for a flawless and persistent system behavior.

Assisting Marine Engineers and naval professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation for power management and conditioning.

For a solid technology experience, and the most fulfilling entertainment pleasure.

B2B Marine Consulting for Power Conditioning  Battery-back & Power Management Systems in Miami

Vessel Access control System

B2B Marine Consulting for Intercom, Physical Access Control in Miami

Architecturally oriented Design Physical Access Control Solutions.

From the world’s most statically pleasing video door intercoms designers as SIEDLE, and the most reliable Network Physical Access Control Systems from Axis Communications and Mobotix, for top Cyber Security Protection.

We assist professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation, from the best selection of physical access control and Video Door Intercom Systems for Luxury yachting, commercial marine applications, in the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area.

Marine Remote Alarm, Remote Monitoring, Control Systems

Assisting Marine Engineers and naval professionals with seamless technology Assessment / Design / Implementation for:

  • Remote GPS Tracking.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Systems Alarm & Notifications.
  • RFID Assets tracking & smart inventory.

Remote monitoring, control, alarm, and tracking systems that provide critical vessel's auxiliary information anywhere, anytime.

Monitor, log and analyze a wide variety of equipment, including, diesel engines, generators, seamless shore-power switching systems, smoke alarms, bilge water levels and pump systems, DC chargers, battery bank levels, fuel tanks, water makers, water tanks, PH and salinization levels, black water tanks, black water treatment, lighting systems, climate control blowers and chillers, entry points, potholes and hatches.

Smart, convenience, remote monitoring, control, and alarm systems for commercial marine and Super-yachts, that will send an alert to prevent problems.

B2B Marine Consulting for Remote Alarm, Remote Monitoring, & Control in Miami

Premium Lighting Fixtures for Super-yacht Applications

B2B Marine Consulting for Premium Lighting Fixtures for high-end Applications in Miami.

Marine, Indoor, Outdoor & Underwater Lighting Fixtures for
Super-yacht Applications.

From optimum accent lighting for super-yacht art galleries, and mid-rooms areas, to to the most innovated marinized high-hats and engine-room high-bay fixtures.

Using Halogen, Fluorescent, CMH and LEDs, that are virtually indistinguishable from halogen light.